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  • Rental Queue: This queue contains members’ rental request sorted on date of request.
  • Shipment Queue: This queue contains video games which are already shipped by admin but are yet to be delivered to the member.
  • Delivery Queue: This queue contains video games which are in possession of member and this queue is updated when the video game is received by admin from member.

Queues processing mentioned in above three comprises one rental cycle.

  • Retrieve Queue: This video game contains video games which are deprecated by admin. Admin can retrieve the video game back through this Queue.
  • Membership upgrade/downgrade: When member make a request for upgrade or downgrade his/her membership, the request will be queued here and admin can process the request from here.
  • Membership cancellation Queue: This is the queue from where admin process the membership cancellation request.
  • Problem Queue: This queue contains the list of shipping problems members have submitted about their rentals.
  • Suspension Queue: This Queue lists those member who are temporarily suspended due to damaged/loss of Video Game.

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