Property Rental Software


The features laid out below pertain to the User Section/Property Listings Parameters and various attributes pertaining to those parts of the script. These features pertain to all the different sub parts of the User Section/Property Listings Parameters sub-module of the script.

  • Property listing can be sorted by its title, city, state, type, price and building. Area.
  • Listing will display thumbnail image, small description, status, price etc…
  • A Member will be able to view details of each property listing and the Contact Information of the broker or owner of the property. Where as a non member will See only listing and no details of property and contact info.
  • A Member will be able to view Line item report and Detail report for the selected property in the listing.
  • A Member can also save properties from the listing to its account.
  • A Member can make email inquiry to owner/broker of the property.

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