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  • Current Membership Terms: This page indicates all the terms and condition of the subscription selected by user.
  • Upgrade or Downgrade Membership: The user can change his/her subscription.
  • Cancel Membership: The user can cancel membership.
  • Update Email Address or password: The user can change email address or password.
  • Update Credit Card: The user can change credit card information.
  • Update Name and Postal Address: The user can change name and postal address.
  • Update Area of Interest: The user can change his/her area of interest which will reflect on recommendation page.
  • Update Email Subscription: The user can change email subscription.
  • View Rental History: This page lists all the movies rented by user in past.
  • View Billing History: This page displays billing history.
  • View Movie Rating History: This page displays movies rented by user but not rated by him/her.
  • Report DVD or shipping Problem: This page allows user to report user lost/damaged dvd, missing dvd, wrong dvd, delay in delivery of dvd etc.
  • Track Orders: This page lists all the orders for buying the movies from the site.

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