About CommodityRentals

Commodityrentals strives for excellence in developing the unique and productive rental software’s suitable for all type of rental industries. We have been in business 12 years and have our branches in Canada and India. Our development team is based in India to provide our global customers with economical software solutions.

As one of the number one e-business solution providers, we design rental business software products like DVDs, books, vacation homes, trade, real estate etc to help the online rental business. It’s a comprehensive solution for managing any rental business.

Diffrent Verticals for your Rental Business

Commodityrentals has different verticals like Vacation, DVD/Video/Movie, Video Games, Real Estate Property, Books/eBooks Rental Software and is constantly developing more. Our Vacation Rental Software will streamline your vacation rental business and run it more efficiently. Our DVD rental software works on various scales designed to run your DVD rental store smoothly and efficiently, it’s pocket-friendly too. All our rental software’s are effective and help you to run your business more smoothly.

Our Vision

Commodityrentals has developed and organized various custom-built and targeted E-Business solutions in the rental business industry and continues to do so. Commodityrentals provides excellent products, fully customizable and extensible at a reasonable price. We provide post sales service to assist you to grow your rental business.

Our Goal

Our main goal is to provide low cost and effective rental software to help our clients grow their business and earn greater profits. Every transaction is a smooth process that allows a rental business’s needs to move forward. Our rental software’s are user-friendly, easy to operate and for many is the complete online rental E-business solution.

Our Developers

Our development teams have a keen sense of commitment. They are hard working professionals with one goal in mind, to make your business as efficient and successful as it can be!

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