Car Rental Software


  • Car Category: Add/Edit/Delete car category, search the Category by title and sort them alphabetically
  • Car Maker: Add/Edit/Delete car maker, search the car maker by title and sort them alphabetically.
  • Car Model: Add/Edit/Delete car model, search the car model by title and car maker and sort them alphabetically.
  • Car Feature: Add/Edit/Delete car feature, search the car feature by title and sort them alphabetically.
  • Add Car: Add the car and upload car image.
  • Search Car: There are 2 options for search. First option is Advance Search, which allows admin to search the car by car category, car maker car model and transmission type. The second one is Full Listing which displays country wise car listing.

    The Car list page has option to view the car details and in turn the detail page has options to edit the car , change the car photo, add car features and add car availability.

  • Link Country & Category: Allows the association between bet country and available car category for that country.

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