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Videogames rental script is similar to the movie rentals script except for the features template pre-populated with the video game rental system features. Most everything else remains the same. Your need is to ensure that the game rental system you are using is extremely safe, stable, powerful, and able to grow together with your business. Our skill, experience and knowledge creates custom online video games store rental system which will exceed your expectations.

It’s attributes mechanism is open to make possible the addition of custom attributes to the video games rental software. It also makes the system extendable to virtually any type of commodity. The video games rental software has a full pattern mechanism, with which all the areas of the look and feel of the site can be changed very quickly. It uses specially developed template engines, which work much faster and render change without a flaw. It can add various email patterns to your custom version for example; you can make an email template with standard mail parameters for sending an email to a fresh sign up. That’s one of the reasons it minimizes the workload of the individual while running his business.




  • Product Inventory
  • Account management from admin side
  • Newsletters management
  • Prepare wish list OR queue management of user side
  • Transaction history for users
  • Profile management
  • Automated queue processing.
  • Prepare email templates by admin
  • The system will run with payment gateway attached by default.
  • Free support of one month after installation.

Additional Features

  • Shopping cart
  • Promo code system
  • Refill my account
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Gift vouchers and gift account facility
  • Vacation modes in account
  • Recommendation system
  • Point earning and redeem system
  • Multiple language support
  • Data Import from old system

Following are the features for each of the sub-modules within the CommodityRentals Video Games Rental software Script, you can Click on each of the links to view the specific features under that sub-module.

Admin Section

User Section


The Video Games Rental Software has an open attributes mechanism, which enables the addition of custom attributes and their values in the attribute hierarchy and enabling easy customization of the system. This also makes the system extendible to virtually any type of commodity.


The Video Games Rental Software has a full template mechanism, which enables all the areas of the sites look and feel to be altered very quickly. It uses a specially developed template engine which works very fast and renders DB content seamlessly.


The Video Games Rental Software has a feature for adding different email templates to your custom version. For example you can create an email template with standard mail parameters for sending an email to a new sign up. Any number of such mail templates can be created with the standard mail parameters.


The Video Games Rental Software is written in the popular scripting language: PHP (Ver. 4.2+) and uses the most powerful open source database: mySQL (Ver. 3.23+). This makes the system installable on all operating system platforms. It uses javascript for client side manipulations.


The Video Games Rental Software code comes without any encoding and is well documented for easy understanding. Additional documentation is also provided upon request. Each license comes with the permission to modify the code to suit thus it becomes the intellectual property of the buyer.

Admin Demo

Click here for Admin Demo

User Demo

Click here for User Demo

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