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Here are some Customer's comments about our products and our Service/Technical Support team. We provide in depth guidance for all technical and non-technical queries for all our products, and our comprehensive customer support center will help you find cost effective solutions for all your product related problems.

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Our Clients Says...

Eric McCormack

A very user friendly rental software approach indeed. I found a lot more in this package than some very pricey ones. It deserves its standing comparing the range and the ease with which we could have our system up and running in no time.

On 1st June 2009 from Des Moines, IA

Kevin Lorenzo

We bought the Video Games Rental software and found it to be the best in the marketplace! The Creative team at CommodityRentals were dot on the job and after every stage of approval, I could see the system being built step-by-step.

I would definately give it a thumbs up!

On 25th May 2009 from Des Moines, IA

Derek Knobble

Great Work! I decided to go online and be my own boss, the Technical Team at CommodityRentals™ did everything for me. From Designing to functionality and to deployment, they did excatly the way I wanted it to be!

On 17th May 2009 from Des Moines, IA

Pete Larmikov

AMe and my wife decided to go for our own business and bought the DVD Rental Software from CommodityRentals™ and we have never looked back since then.

Kudos to the team for doing everything before schedule. You guys are a real MAGIC!

On 10th April 2009 from Springfield, AK

Stacey Sunderan

Just knocked me off my feet!

On 28th March 2009 from Jacksonvile, FL

Jason Owedesian

My personal favourite is the TradeManager™ System which uses state-of-the-art data engine technology and the unique patented Database calling feature which enhances the response time on the slowest of networks. The UI is excellent as usual and very User friendly and Admin Section is a charm to work with.

On 11th March 2009 from Toronto, CANADA

Steffanie Phoenix-Smith

Amazing and Blazing performance from TradeManager™ Software.

On 19th February 2009 from Charlotte, NC

Georgio Mastrengelo

Recently I purchased the eCommerce Shopping Cart System for my Online Boutique and I was impressed with their after Sales Service team and Technical Department. The 30day Free support is worth every penny for the Software. Customization is also very easy as this is based on Template based engine which can be modified to suite your particular needs. I absolutely love it!

On 30th January 2009 from Omaha, NE

Corey 'Lucas' Costanza

Rock solid Portfolio and impressive clientale.

On 21st January 2009 from Edison, NJ

Rachel Smithermann in DailyTechNews

This one is oughtto lookout for...

Herman Swarzkpoff

I was very impressed with the Vacation Property Rental Software. I looked around the market and could not find anything close to this System in price or in quality. I would definately go with it. Thank You.

On 1st December 2008 from Kuwait City, Kuwait

PC GlobalWorld

Creativity and functionality at its best....

On 17th November 2008 San Sardino, TX

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