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If you are managing five or more rental properties, rental property management software can help you with wide range of records including financial data, income and expense reports, balance sheets as well as general book keeping. Including collection and deposit of rental payments from tenants each month. When you choose a software program you want to make the best choice to meet your needs.

Commodityrentals is a global supplier of software to the rental industry that has built a reputation for providing an economical solution that can meet the needs of rental businesses of all types.

At you will find one of the the best property rental software solutions. Our software product offers a unique combination of PHP and MySQL languages, web application software that is customizable to meet your individual requirements. Developed by professionals who are not only skilled programmers and computer engineers but also supported with a deep understanding of the rental industry we deliver software and solutions to meet almost every need at an affordable price.


  • Product Inventory
  • Account management from admin side
  • Newsletters management
  • Prepare wish list OR queue management of user side
  • Transaction history for users
  • Profile management
  • Automated queue processing.
  • Prepare email templates by admin
  • The system will run with payment gateway attached by default.
  • Free support of one month after installation.

Additional Features

  • Shopping cart
  • Promo code system
  • Refill my account
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Gift vouchers and gift account facility
  • Vacation modes in account
  • Recommendation system
  • Point earning and redeem system
  • Multiple language support
  • Data Import from old system


  • Commodityrentals's Property Rental Software saves time, money, labor and eases the workload.
  • Property rental software increases productivity.
  • Operational costs are reduced.
  • Property Rental Software increases profit margin.
  • Property Rental Software is scalable but can also be customized.
  • Property Rental Software is web based integrated and affordable.
  • Supports database of multiple users and properties.
  • The size of the portfolio size is not limited property rental software.
  • The real estate portfolio of multiple individuals can be managed through property rental software.


  • The administration simplified with software tools that are easily available.
  • Rental property software gives real time access to the property database.
  • The data can be easily edited to form standardized data than can be monitored by accessing the software through the internet.
  • The collection of rent can be set to allow electronic transfer of rent payments Saves time and money for owners and tenants.
  • Property management software is constantly being upgraded through the internet Rental property management software is easy to use with minimal training.
    • Property rental software:
    • Rental Houses for holidays.
    • Houses and apartments for holidays.

    Admin Section

    User Section

    Benefits of Property Rental Software

    • Saves time and money.
    • Allows time to focus on maintenance and tenant issues.
    • Paperwork reduction
    • Recordkeeping is made easier including rent payments and lease renewals
    • Filing tax returns is facilitated since all the data is available.
    • Keep track of your rental property inventory information pertaining to location, square footage, property type, rental information or any maintenance issues with your rental properties as also monthly rental rate, property values, location, etc.
    • Maintain a detailed database of other related information of individual tenants like employment status, credit history, references and communication records. Additionally, a display of digital images can be added to assist in marketing your properties to potential tenants.

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