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If you are looking for smart DVD rental software that not only manages your online business but also anticipates your needs, Commodity Rentals’ has the right solution for you. This DVD rental programs that works on various scales is designed to run your DVD rental store smoothly and definitely enhances productivity in a very short time. Over the years our in-house experts have created proven customized solutions for all aspects of DVD rentals: customers, sales, inventory, invoicing, etc.

We specialize in providing tracking systems for customers, a reservation system that doubles as a tracking and selling system, and great reports. We can also add innovative features that will make you stand out in a crowd. A combination of skills, knowledge and experience has led us to design the best open source DVD rental systems in the market today. And the best part is-our software is absolutely pocket-friendly, simple and doesn’t take ages to download. Running a DVD rentals business was never so easy!


  • Product Inventory
  • Account management from admin side
  • Newsletters management
  • Prepare wish list OR queue management of user side
  • Transaction history for users
  • Profile management
  • Automated queue processing.
  • Prepare email templates by admin
  • The system will run with authorized.net payment gateway attached by default.
  • Free support of one month after installation.

Additional Features

  • Shopping cart
  • Promo code system
  • Refill my account
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Gift vouchers and gift account facility
  • Vacation modes in account
  • Recommendation system
  • Point earning and redeem system
  • Multiple language support
  • Data Import from old system


  • We can give you a host of reasons why you visit CommodityRentals online DVD rental website script.
  • We offer customized software for all kinds of DVD rental stores-ranging from stand-alone stores, rack jobbers to chain stores that need centralized reporting.
  • We provide solutions for every aspect of online DVD rental management from setting up your DVD database to customer registration and product inventory and invoicing.
  • We help you manage your customers, products, Point-of-Sale, invoicing and rental operations on a user-friendly and reliable platform.
  • Our Automated DVD rental software is industry-approved and vouched for by thousands of happy customers.

Advantages of DVD Rental Software

  • Commodity Rentals DVD rental software is state-of-the-art software that is user-friendly, dependable and easy on the pocket
  • Efficient inventory and invoicing management of DVD rental stores with special emphasis on re-posting and analysis is what we do best.
  • Updating your stock and new stock alerts make it easy for you to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Our team of experts works is always innovating new features that make your work as smooth as possible.
  • We offer immediate trouble-shooting services in case of any problem. Even if you are using another software, it will be easy to migrate with our data import system.
  • We guarantee that your customers too will get a unique browsing experience.

Admin Section

User Section


The dvd rental software has an open attributes mechanism, which enables for addition of custom attributes and their values in the attribute hierarchy and enable for easy customization of the system. This also makes the dvd rental software extendible to virtually any type of commodity.


The dvd rental software has a full templating mechanism, allowing all areas of the site’s look and feel to be altered very quickly. It uses a specially developed template engine which works very fast and renders DB content seamlessly.


The dvd rental software has the feature for adding different email templates to your custom version. For example you can create an email template with standard mail parameters for sending an email to a new sign up. Any number of such mail templates can be created with the standard mail parameters.


The dvd rental software script is written in: PHP (Ver. 4.2+) and uses the most powerful open source database: mySQL (Ver. 3.23+). This makes the system installable on all operating system platforms. It uses javascript for client side manipulations.


The dvd rental software code comes without any encoding and is well documented for easy understanding. Additional documentation is also provided upon request. Each license comes with the permission to modify the code to suit and becomes the intellectual property of the buyer.

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There are no refunds available due to the open-source nature of the product, so we strongly encourage everybody to checkout the demo(s) before purchasing. To checkout the Demos, Click Here.

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