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Commodity Rentals offers software that is easy to use, reliable and reasonably priced. Many advantages accompany our software, you save real time with our all-inclusive suite of web-based software tools. It is available in two different sections Admin Section as well as User Section.

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       DVD Rental Software
       Video Games Rental Software
       Car Rental Software
       Vacation Rental Software
       Books/Ebooks Rental Software
       CD Rental Software
       RealEstate/ Property Rental Software
       Trade Manager (PHP version)



The demo software has an open features mechanism that allows for adding custom features and their value in the features hierarchy. This allows easy customization of the system. It even makes the software extendable to virtually all sorts of commodities.

Development Background

The software script is the popular scripting language: PHP with the Version of 4.2+ and makes use of the most powerful open source database that is MySQL with version 3.23+ making the system installable on all operating system platforms. It applies JavaScript for client side manipulations.

Coding Standards

The software code comes with no encoding. Extra documentation is even offered if requested. Every license comes with the authority to alter the code to suit which becomes the intellectual property of the purchaser.

This page displays all the links to the online rental demo software. Please use the provided Username / Password on the login page for each of the vertical business software demos.

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