Car Rental Software


  • Add Location: Add the location and its working hrs.
  • Search Location: There are 5 search options.

  • Address / Postal Code
  • Airport Code
  • Location/Airport Name
  • Full Location List
  • Alphabetical List

The entire above mentioned search option generate list of locations based on the search criteria with brief location details. The location title is linked to new page which has all the necessary options as listed below.

Location Details

  • Extra Service
  • Tax & Surcharge
  • Optional Coverage
  • Terms & Conditions
  • One-way Rental Locations
  • Location Inventory
  • Location Base Rate
  • Location One-way Rate
  • Location Car Fleet

Options for booking processing are also found on this page.

Today’s Booking – Pickup

  • Today’s Booking – Return
  • New Booking
  • Open Booking
  • Complete Booking
  • Expired Booking

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