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Welcome to CommodityRentals – rental software for e-business solutions. We design Rental Business Software products Car Rental, DVDs, Books/EBooks, Real Estate, Vacation Homes, Trade, Videogames, Equipments and more. Our customized and targeted rental software is designed to suit all the requirements of your online rental business.

Our team of Web Applications/ Software Developers, SEO experts and Designers work hard to ensure that your rental system is functional in within hours.

Book Rental

Welcome to CommodityRentals Book Rental Software for your business.

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CD/DVD Rental

Welcome to CommodityRentals CD/DVD Rental Software for your Business.

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Car Rental

Welcome to CommodityRentals Car Rental Software for your Business.

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Game Rental

Welcome to CommodityRentals Video Game Rental Software for your Business.

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Vacation Rental

Welcome to CommodityRentals Vacation Rental Software for your Business.

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Property Rental

Welcome to CommodityRentals Real Estate Rental Software for your Business.

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  • Inventory management
  • Subscription plans creation
  • Queue management for customer



  • Shopping cart
  • Promo code system
  • Point earning and redemption



  • Order management
  • Billing and problem solving
  • Data insert using third party sites


Customized Management Software Solutions

One of the most time-consuming and complicated tasks for any company is that of keeping track of its assets and materials. CommodityRentals has fully customizable invoice and rental inventory software that fulfills all the inventory control and management needs of your business regardless of size.

It facilitates invoicing and scheduling of equipment rentals, processes bookings and managing goods, goods category, stock balance, staff sales records, etc. This custom software consists of a user-friendly interface that lets you customize your company logo, invoice number, tax code, etc.

Advantages of Rental Software

A new addition is rental software for CDs and books / e-books. This offers website owners as well as end users unlimited product categories with a number of products within each category. End users can get an updated list of their favorite books / movies helping them to search for authors / titles / publishers.

With our trade rental manager software you can access a database of the contact details of buyers and sellers on your site, including the buying-selling leads and products. The option of subscribing to and managing trade alerts is also available.

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